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National Medal Winner - Robert Coles

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National Medal Winner

Coles, Robert, Presidential Medal of Freedom, 1998
Ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
"I would suggest that at the end of this 20th century we as a nation yet again claim to offer all of our citizens "life, liberty, and [the right to pursue] the pursuit of happiness'--that is, a kind of 'life', a standard of living, that enables 'life', and protects against life-taking illnesses, and of course the 'liberty' that a democracy such as ours enables for its citizens, and too, of the right to 'pursue' happiness--meaning the right to affirm one's particular nature and values, one's ideas and ideals--such a pursuit a way to the self-fulfillment and self-expression that is, in essence, what makes for a 'happiness' that is realized."

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