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National Medal Winner - New Hampshire

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New Hampshire John Stark Regional High School, Weare
Representing the 20th Century:
"Look at the arts of a particular society and you will understand its culture and the hopes and beliefs of its people. What then would the world say a hundred years from now if a time capsule included a piece of music, art or theatre from the 20th century? What would it reveal? It would probably show something of our history, for our arts build on the past. It would show something of the world around us, for the arts of 20th Century America reflect that which we have learned from other cultures, and that which has been brought here by the variety of people who settled this country and who continue to come here.

"Most important, a piece of art from the turn of this century would show something of our freedoms, for we live in a society that allows us to present our ideas, thoughts and feelings in whatever way we choose. The arts represent our freedom to choose, to express and to interpret. The arts are a reflection of the past, a mirror of the present, a window to the future."

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