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Oregon Clackamas High School, Milwaukie
These students from Clackamas High School range from grades 9-12 . They have given two statements: 1) their own hopes and dreams for the next millennium, and 2) what they view is the greatest idea/achievement that best represents America during the past century. Their second statements are:

"Man on the moon is what I think represents America, because no one thought they could do it, and every astronaut never gave up trying until they achieved success!"

"Everybody is becoming more involved and teenagers are active by joining Key Club, Leadership, Sports, Drama, etc."

"In my eyes, one of America's biggest achievements was when we put a man on the moon."

"I think that one of our greatest achievements is that we always gave a helping hand to those internationally during a crisis period."

"During the last century the world has been through a lot. We have dealt with bombings and school shootings, and these things have woken Americans up. I think that Americans have become a lot caring in helping others. We helped in Kosovo and we still are, and we, as Americans, decided not to go into war. We, as Americans, in the American States might not get along with other countries but our eyes are not closed. And, we as the people have to help the best we can, and the schools, parents, and government will help in making it better."

"The flight into space was a great accomplishment for the US, not just because we were the first to perform such a feat, but because it opened up so many different opportunities."

"I think that women's rights have come a long way in the last century."

"I think that a great achievement in the last century has been the advancement of women's rights."

"During the past century, women in America have risen higher on the pedestal. Now we have more rights and privileges."

"In the last century, America has made incredible advancements in its search to masterfully understand the human genome."

"I think America has been the leader in movies, sitcoms, and media, and so has made its greatest achievement in the entertainment industry."

"I think Dr. Martin Luther King, who "had a dream" that became a reality was the greatest achievement in America."

"The fact that our economy has become so prosperous, we have fewer people unemployed and left hungry, percentage-wise than at any other time in history....quite an accomplishment."

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