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National Medal Winner - South Carolina

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South Carolina Petersburg Elementary School, Pageland
"Product to represent the past millennium: Computers"
"Many products, inventions, and ideas have been developed during the last millennium. Each of them has helped shape our country in some way. We believe computers represent best what our country has become and will continue to become in the new millennium. More and more technology is being developed which need the use of computers. Even space crafts are worked by computers. Computers are important to people, especially students, who gain knowledge and information by using computers. Computers are our connection to the rest of the world. We can stay where we are and talk with anyone in the world. Computers help countries share ideas and exchange products. Computers help families keep in touch. We don't have to keep things on paper anymore. Computers have changed our world and will keep changing our world in the future.

"With an invention, there will be pros and cons. In one way, computers have a negative side. They have replaced people in many of the old-time jobs. But we still need people to work the computers, so there are still jobs. In most ways, computers have helped us.

"Computers have really made a difference in American's lives. We predict that computers will become like televisions, one or more in every household in America."

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