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West Virginia Point Pleasant High School, Point Pleasant
"Computers and the 21st Century"
"If one idea was to be selected to represent America at the turn of the century, it would have to be a factor that has consumed our nation through the past several years. As a class, we have decided this element is technology and our continuing reliability upon its services.

"When computers originated in the 1970's, no person expected that in a few decades our lives would be controlled by them. In 1999, our everyday lives can be linked back electronically. The Internet has become not only a method of communication universally, but also a core research facility and commercial network, Computers can be found now in every school system, every office building, every commercial store in a vast majority of homes across the country. As this technology has increased, our lives in America have become more and more dependent on technology to complete our tasks.

"America is in the heart of the Technology Age, and this path only leads to a more advanced computerized life. In fifty years from now, the item or idea representing America will still be a computer. But will this image and improvement of the computer one day replace the day-to-day interactions between people? Will computer technology one day consume our whole society, leaving only the alienation of the 21st century American society?"

--Point Pleasant High School
--December 6, 1999

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