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Indians Into Medicine
A program administered through the University of North Dakota School of Medicine that assists American Indian students in preparing for health care service to American Indian populations

Interactive Multicultural Awareness Program on Race
A portion of a two-part series of interactive computer programs created to teach about racism, injustice and ways to combat racism through community involvement

Joplin Globe Diversity Committee
A Joplin, MO-based committee that monitors the handling of diversity-related issues in the local newspaper and in the community at large

Kansas City Church Community Organization
An interfaith federation of congregations organized in response to the rapid racial transition and financial disinvestment experienced by Kansas City's southeast neighborhoods to improve the quality of life

Leader Support Groups
A St. Louis, Missouri project that brings grassroots leaders together across racial lines to build a network of support and alliance

Lt. Governor's Committee on Diversity
The Dubuque-based committee provides information, resources and support to communities throughout the state of Iowa so they can combat prejudice and racism

Marathon County Diversity Management Education Program
The Wisconsin-based program educates county government employees on the value of diversity

Men Against Destruction - Defending Against Drugs and Social Disorder Inc.
The Omaha-based organization was founded in 1989 to address the well-being of young people in the community

MillenniuM Service Project
MillenniuM Service Project, in St.Paul, MN, works to eradicate poverty, unemployment, poor health care, crime and racial discrimination through a wide variety of projects.

Minnesota Churches Anti-Racism Initiative of the Greater Minneapolis and Saint Paul Area Councils of Churches
A Minneapolis, MN based effort that engages local chuches in dialogue and training opportunities to combat individual and institutional racism

Minnesota Independent School Forum Diversity Project
A project committed to serve people of color within the state by providing the resources, information, motivation and guidance to schools

Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee on the Media
The Chicago-based committee serves as a resource for all of the Chicago metropolitan area's print and electronic media on issues of race, ethnicity and religion

Multicultural Task Force
A St. Cloud, MN task force of citizens who are working to ensure that the needs of every member of the community are heard

Multicultural Youth Project
A Chicago, Illinois program that promotes multiethnic understanding among Chicago's immigrant and refugee youth

National Youth Leadership Mission to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
A Chicago, IL-based program that teaches young people how to fight bigotry and discrimination

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