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El Puente
El Puente is a community and youth leadership movement focused on strengthening the local community by organizing and supporting initiatives in community health, education, the arts, the environment and the local economy

Faculty Development Institute on Curriculum Infusion, Loyola College
A program that prepares its students to function in an increasingly multicultural country

Fifth Avenue Committee
FAC is a housing and redevelopment community organization in Brooklyn, New York that works to improve the standard of living in a predominantly low-income area with a diverse population

A Brooklyn, NY program designed to bring young people of different racial backgrounds together to build long-lasting relationships

Food Project
A Lincoln, MA summer program that brings together different teenagers to participate in the hands-on preparation of food

Global Kids, Inc.
A New York-based program that teaches young people about global issues

Greater Boston Catholic Charities
A social service agency of the Archdiocese of Boston dedicated to improving the lives of the poor in Eastern Massachusetts

Greater Philadelphia High School Partnership: Students United in Service
A Philadelphia, PA program that encourages students to participate in academic and community-service programs

Hartford Areas Rally Together
A Hartford, CT community development organization that focuses on employment, youth, housing and community mobilization issues

Higher Ground
A Boston, MA-based program that works with colleges and universities to increase the number of minority and low-income college students who graduate

Inter-Faith Bridge Builders Coalition
A Utica, NY coalition of clergy who work to end racism and secure equal treatment for everyone

Interfaith Action
A multi-faith, multiracial organization that bridges the racial, ethnic and economic diversity in the city and suburbs of Rochester

Irish Immigration Center
The Irish Immigration Center, in Boston, MA., cross-cultural programs counter address racism, advocate immigrant rights and combat discrimination.

It's US: A Celebration of Who We Are in America Today
A Time Magazine inspired diversity effort that provides a traveling photographic exhibition designed specifically for schools, communities and families to encourage discussion on diversity and race relations

La Casa de Don Pedro, Inc.
A Newark, New Jersey-based program that provides a multitude of community services to the racially and ethnically diverse North Ward population

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