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One America - St. Paul's Multi-ethnic Center, Inc.

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One America

Program: St. Paul's Multi-ethnic Center, Inc., Woodside, NY
Contact(s): Dr. Louis S. Simon, Director: (516) 876-0306 or (718) 205-7570
Purpose: To meet the needs of multiethnic immigrants and help them integrate into the community and carry-out studies on multiethnicity, race relations and national integration

Background Program Operations Outcomes


In 1995, a group of immigrants from India in search of a place of worship in Woodside, N.Y., decided that the needs of recent multiethnic immigrants were not being addressed. In 1996, with the support of a local church, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, the group founded St. Paul's Multi-ethnic Center, a center focused on reaching out to the ethnic community.

Program Operations

Since its founding, St. Paul's Multi-ethnic Center has adopted as its goal the need to acclimate the various diverse members of its community not only to America but to each other. The center has offered several cultural programs that introduce these different ethnic groups to each other through social activities. During these programs, the center becomes a meeting place for individuals of different religious, racial and ethnic backgrounds to meet and share their interests, hobbies and concerns. The center has also offered free flu and vaccination shots to members of the community.

Outcomes and Significant Accomplishments

In July 1998, the center plans to open a developmental pre-school program to serve the various ethnic groups in Woodside, including Chinese, Korean, Pakistani and Bangladeshi. The pre-school program will help children in acculturation and appreciation of cultural differences. Besides assisting children in the community, the pre-school will raise funds to support other center programs and encourage parents of the children to partake in center activities. Beginning fall 1998, college students will be accepted as interns to help carry-out local studies on issues of assimilation, prejudices and national integration. In addition to classes in remedial English, the center plans to offer counseling programs for battered and single women and workshops for small business owners.

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