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One America - Coral Springs Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee

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One America

Program: Coral Springs Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee, Coral Springs, FL
Contact(s): Joyce Campos, Community Relations Manager: (954) 344-1005
Purpose: To recognize and develop responses to the growing diversity of the city's population and to promote appreciation, acceptance and respect for cultural differences and similarities

Background Program Operations Outcomes


The Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee of Coral Springs was formed in February 1995 to address the needs of an increasingly diverse community. The Coral Springs City Commission developed a strategic plan incorporating six priorities to guide the committee. Twenty-four residents and three high school students were selected to serve as volunteers on the new Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee as part of this strategic plan. The primary focus of the committee was to develop a directory of the ethnic groups and focus attention in the areas of education and culture.

Program Operations

The Coral Springs Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee operates programs in both the educational and cultural arenas. In the area of education, the city offers students a program called "Unitown-Coral Springs." The program organizes weekend retreats that promote racial harmony, emphasize school involvement and provide leadership development training. The committee also provides translation services, and speakers for schools, businesses and the community at large. To address cultural issues, the committee organizes annual parades, festivals, and special events showcasing racial diversity. Committee members also host an event whereby non-profit organizations are offered funding to encourage the development of cultural, academic or athletic events that promote awareness, goodwill and harmony among races.

Outcomes and Significant Accomplishments

The committee is currently involved with Sister Cities, a program that promotes racial diversity and harmony among neighboring cities. Since its inception, the Coral Springs Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee has sponsored two weekend camps focusing on race relations for over 60 high school sophomores or juniors, with the hopes that they will return to their schools and deal with internal issues on race and diversity. The organization produces a monthly newsletter. The City of Coral Springs also recently became the first municipality to win the State of Florida Governor's Sterling Award for excellence in the principles and practices of total quality management, which include the value of a diverse workforce.

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