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One America

President Clinton's vision of One America in the 21st Century is to have a diverse, democratic community in which we respect, even celebrate our differences, while embracing the shared values that unite us. To reach that goal, the President has asked all Americans to join him in a national effort to deal openly and honestly with our racial differences. The year-long effort combines thoughtful study, constructive dialogue, and positive action to address the continuing challenge of how to live and work more productively as One America in the 21st century.

The President has convened an Advisory Board of seven distinguished Americans to assist him with the Initiative. The Advisory Board will work with the President to engage the many diverse groups, communities, regions, and various industries in this country. The President has asked the Advisory Board to join him in reaching out to local communities and listen to Americans from all different races and backgrounds, so that we can better understand the causes of racial tension. The Advisory Board will help foster and participate in constructive dialogues on race that the President has called for in this Initiative. President Clinton has asked the Board to recommend creative ways to resolve these problems with the help and input of the community leaders who are committed to tackling these difficult issues.

Finally, President Clinton believes that, while thoughtful dialogue will be an enormous benefit, no real progress can be made without specific actions aimed at breaking down the walls that surround the issue of race relations. The Advisory Board will study critical substantive areas in which racial disparities are significant, including education, economic opportunity, housing, health care and the administration of justice. At the President's direction, all Cabinet agencies will join in this effort -- in coordination with and building on the work of the Advisory Board --to identify concrete policies to address critical race-based problems.

Based on the findings from the dialogue, study, and action of the Initiative, the President will present his Report to the American People. This will be his blueprint for improving race relations in the 21st century.

The goal of the President's Initiative on Race is to strengthen our shared foundation as Americans so that we can live in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. All Americans have reason to invest in creating One America so that we, as a nation, can effectively move together to fulfill the promise of the American dream in the 21st century.

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