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Federal Credit Support Page

Chronology of changes

Credit Subsidy Calculator

Federal Credit Support Page

Credit Subsidy Calculator

Office of Management and Budget

Federal Credit Support Page


  • This page is provided for Federal agencies with responsibility for direct loan programs or loan guarantee programs.
  • To be notified of updates, fax your name, email address, and phone number to (202) 395-7230, attn "credit updates."
  • Please fax your comments or suggestions to (202) 395-7230, attn: "credit web page."
  • These pages are updated periodically. Click here for a chronology of major changes.

  • Credit Subsidy Calculator

  • A tool to calculate the cost of direct loan and loan guarantee programs.

  • Utilities for the FY 2001 Budget

  • Materials for calculating reestimates, financing account interest, and providing submissions for the credit supplement.

  • Links to other web pages Materials such as the Federal Credit Reform Act, OMB Circulars, and Budget publications, including the Federal Credit Supplement.

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