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Department of Justice #1- Appendix C: Care & Services

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Goal #1 Provide health care for prisoners with HIV/AIDS. Educate and counsel the inmate population about the transmission of HIV/AIDS and for the purpose of reducing the incidence of HIV transmission.
Objective #1

To improve trainees' interaction with the populations they serve, especially those who might have been exposed to the HIV virus or those who may be HIV positive.

Action Steps
  1. Provide funds to the National Victims Center (NVC) under a cooperative agreement. (The NVC provides education, and sensitivity training to law enforcement personnel and social service agencies.)
  2. Provide grant funds to the Educational Development Center (EDC) for training regarding hate/bias crimes. (The EDC trains law enforcement and social service agency personnel regarding procedures for identifying and handling hate crimes, including such crimes against those who are HIV positive or living with AIDS.)

Provide grants and operate cooperative agreements.

$ 133,900
Note 1
Note 2
  1. Although no funds have been budgeted, the training for law enforcement and social services personnel was covered by the FY 95 budget and will continue.
  2. The Department anticipates allocating additional funds for training.

Law enforcement and social service agencies are directly served. The crime victims who interact with these agencies benefit indirectly.


Victims rights groups were consulted regarding the curriculum development for the training program.


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