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Federal Agencies Working Together

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President's Forest Plan

Making federal agencies work together as one government

In an unprecedented effort, instead of creating more bureaucracy, the president directed the federal agencies involved with the forest plan to work together in creative new interagency groups. Agencies are saving money by jointly coordinating efforts, improving communication, sharing information, and eliminating duplication.

Along with the interagency committees, advisory committees were established to help ensure federal decision makers would be able to receive valuable input from local, state, and tribal governments, the public, and communities of both place and interest.

  • The Interagency Steering Committee (ISC) is based in Washington DC, and it establishes overall policies for the forest plan. It is chaired by the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

  • The Regional Interagency Executive Committee (RIEC) serves as the senior regional body implementing the forest plan, coordinating and communicating policies with agencies in the forest plan area. Advising the RIEC is the Intergovernmental Advisory Committee (IAC), which ensures a forum for the state and tribes within the region.

  • The Regional Ecosystem Office (REO) provides independent recommendations and scientific, technical and other staff support to the RIEC to help implement the forest plan. Staff of the REO are on loan from federal agencies involved with the forest plan. Each of the 12 provinces has a Provincial Interagency Executive Committee (PIEC), made up of federal agency directors who oversee the implementation of the Forest Plan within their province. Advising the PIECs are the Provincial Advisory Committees (PAC), made up of community, business, environmental groups, Native American tribes, and federal, state, and county officials.

  • Assisting the Economic Adjustment Initiative are the Multi-Agency Command (MAC) and the Regional and State Community Economic Revitalization Teams (RCERT and SCERT). The MAC members are based in Washington DC, and the RCERT and state CERT members include representatives from California, Oregon, Washington, Native American tribal organizations, and the federal agencies responsible for awarding grants and loans.

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Federal Agencies Working Together