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Table of Contents

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National Critical Technologies Report

March 1995

Table of Contents

Executive summary

1. Introduction

2. Energy

Energy efficiency
Energy storage, conditioning, distribution and transmission
Improved generation

3. Environmental Quality

Monitoring and assessment
Pollution control
Remediation and restoration

4. Information and Communication

Computer systems
Information management
Intelligent complex adaptive systems
Software and toolkits

5. Living Systems

Medical technology
Agriculture and food technologies
Human systems

6. Manufacturing

Discrete product manufacturing
Continuous materials processing
Micro/Nanofabrication and machining

7. Materials


8. Transportation

Avionics and controls
Propulsion and power
Systems integration
Human interface

9. Activities Related to Critical Technologies

Federal goverment activities
Government-industry partnerships
Non-goverment initiatives

10. Conclusions

Appendix A, National Critical Technologies List

Appendix B, Technologies Selection and Analysis

Acronyms and abbreviations

National Critical Technologies Review Group


S.1 National Critical Technology Areas

1.1 National Critical Technology Areas

A.1 Description of Technology Categories

A.2 National Critical Technologies List

B.1 Research and Development (R&D) Priorities

B.2 Future Joint Warfighting Capabilities


S.1 National Critical Technologies, Technology Position and 1990-94 Trend

2.1 Energy, Technology Position and 1990-94 Trend

3.1 Environmental Quality, Technology Position and 1990-94 Trend

4.1 Information and Communications, Technology Position and 1990-94 Trend

5.1 Living Systems, Technology Position and 1990-94 Trend

6.1 Manufacturing, Technology Position and 1990-94 Trend

7.1 Materials, Technology Position and 1990-94 Trend

8.1 Transportation, Technology Position and 1990-94 Trend

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