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Strategic Planning Document -
Health, Safety and Food R&D


This document summarizes strategic planning the NSTC Committee on Health, Safety and Food (CHSF) Research and Development has done to prepare for the future. The U.S. is at a juncture where rapid growth in science and technology can improve the nation's health, safety and food and promote national productivity, competitiveness and economic security. CHSF was charged, along with eight other NSTC committees, to study the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. CHSF was asked to develop strategies and identify investments in health, safety and food R&D to cost-effectively meet those challenges.

CHSF participants worked through the past year to accomplish this charge. First, CHSF outlined priority areas and developed preliminary plans. Then, on November 21-22, CHSF and Office of Science and Technology Policy sponsored a national forum: "Meeting the Challenge: Health, Safety and Food for America". The purpose of this forum was to convene 450 scientific experts from a mix of disciplines, organizations and areas to review and improve CHSF plans, share ideas, and help support national health, safety and food RD objectives. CHSF wants to acknowledge the valuable input received from forum participants. The CHSF plan which follows is a work in progress. In the upcoming year, CHSF will continue to focus, clarify and strengthen its RD plans as it implements them.

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Health, Safety and Food R&D - Table of Contents

Strategic Planning Document - Health, Safety and Food R&D


Implementation Part 3

Strategic Planning


Executive Summary

Policy Issues and Questions


Implementation Part 2