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The compete text of the report is available here. If you wish to read the entire report online, click on Executive Summary below to get started. At the bottom of each section of the report, you can use navigation buttons to move forward through the report section by section. You can also view the table of contents to quickly go to a specific section. If you want to print the report or view it off-line, download the complete file. You also may wish to examine the short summaries of the proposed principles and actions. Each summary contains links to the sections of the report with more complete discussion.

After reading the report, please click on Your Comments to the left to access the system for making comments and viewing some comments of others.

Cover Letter: Read the cover letter to the report by Neal Lane, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology.

Abstract: View a brief summary of the report.

Executive Summary: Read a summary of the report with the option to navigate through the full text.

Table of Contents: Start here to navigate to a specific section of the report.

Proposed Principles: View a summary of the proposed principles with the option of linking to the full statement of each principle.

Actions to Strengthen the Partnership: View a list of actions to improve the partnership with the option of linking to the full discussion of each action.

Appendices: See the list of Task Force and Working Group members who participated in the process.

Complete File: Download the report as a complete file in Microsoft Word format for easy printing or off-line reading.

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