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The National Science and Technology Council's Summit on Innovation: Federal Policy for the New Millennium

Held on November 30 and December 1, 1999
at The George Washington University Marvin Center


Archive of Speaker Presentations

· Dr. Peter L. Levin's Presentation (PowerPoint)
· Shirley Ann Jackson's Presentation (MS Word)
· Dr. Adam Jaffe's Presentation (PowerPoint)
· Mr. Gary Bachula's Presentation (PowerPoint)

At: The George Washington University
Marvin Center
800 21st Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20052

Click here for a map of The GW University and the nearest metro station.


"I believe in the information age the role of the government is to empower people with the tools to make the most of their lives, to tear down the barriers of that objective, and to create conditions within which we can go forward together."

- President William J. Clinton

"Technological leadership is vital to the national interests of the United States.  Most of the Federal Research and education investment portfolio enjoyed bipartisan support during the first term of the Clinton Administration.  I would hope that we can continue to extend this partnership with Congress across our entire science and technology agenda."

- John Podesta, Chief of Staff to President Clinton, Remarks on R&D Funding at the National Press Club, September 1, 1999

"Innovation - the transformation of knowledge into new products, processes, and services - involves more than just science and technology.  National policy and public institutions create and environment that can encourage or detract from firm's innovative activity."

- John Yochelson, President, Council on Competitiveness

"The federal and state governments must ensure the strength and adequacy of the knowledge base, the skills, and the institutions that promote economic trade and competitiveness and seek to remove disincentives to private innovation and risk taking.  This event will go some ways towards expanding the dialog between government and business on these points."

- Lewis M. Branscomb, Aetna Professor Emeritus of Public Policy and Corporate Management, John F. Kennedy School of Government

"Industry's recent strong investments in R&D, particularly discovery research, and increased collaboration among industry, universities, and government labs, make this an ideal time to reexamine the innovation infrastructure and mechanisms for enhancing innovation in the United States as we anticipate even stronger global competition in the coming decades."

- Charles F. Larson, Executive Director, Industrial Research Institute




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