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Vice President's Economy Initiatives

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Since 1993, President Clinton and Vice President Gore have focused on following a growth policy based on three elements never before tried in combination: eliminating the deficit, opening markets, and investing in our own people.

Barring a national emergency, Vice President Gore feels we should balance our budget -- or better -- every year.

Second, he believes America must use good economic times to tackle tough, long-term economic problems, such as preparing for an aging society by saving Social Security and Medicare. He and President Clinton have proposed a bold plan to fix the “entitlement problem” in a way which will also dramatically lift America's national savings rate.

Third, the Vice President will continue the hard work of cutting regulations and reforming and reinventing government -- so that it costs less, works better, and keeps pace with today's fast- moving economies.

Fourth, the Vice President supports making strategic investments in human capital -- in particular, education and lifelong learning -- that are the heart of productivity, and give everyone a chance to share in our prosperity.

And lastly, the Vice President feels that America must remain engaged with the world. He has strongly advocated resisting narrow appeals to protectionism and isolationism. With 96 percent of the world's consumers outside of United States borders, he feels that America must expand its exports, including free-flowing electronic commerce.

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