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National Service Summit FAQ Sheet

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Frequently Asked Questions

When and where will The Presidents' Summit for America's Future be held?
The Summit will take place in Philadelphia, from Sunday, April 27, through Tuesday, April 29. The opening and closing ceremonies will be held at Independence Hall with most of the working sessions to be conducted at Philadelphia's Convention Center.
What are the goals of the Summit?
The Summit's goal is to mobalize millions of citizens and thousands of organizations from all sectors in order to ensure that all our youth have access to the five fundamental resources that can help them lead healthy, fulfilling and productive lives:
  • An ongoing relationship with a caring adult or mentor;
  • Safe places to learn and grow;
  • A healthy start;
  • A marketable skill through effective education;
  • An opportunity to give back through community service.
Through specific, measurable commitments toward these goals from individual organizations from every sector in America, and through community initiatives, the aim is to turn the tide for America's youth.

The Summit's goal is to make effective citizen service an integral part of the American way of life.

What is happening at the Summit?
The Summit will have three focal points. First, the Presidents and First Ladies will join in the historic call to commitment and to action. Second, local and national leaders from all sectors will announce their organizational commitments to action -- mobilizing their people and their abilities for an unprecedented effort to turn the tide for America's youth by the turn of the century. Third, delegations from approximately 100 communities and all 50 states will work together to turn the message of the Summit into concrete plans for action. The delegations will return home and plan their own local Summits that will stimulate further steps to meet the major goals.
Who is involved in the Summit?
President Clinton and the former Presidents are the honorary co-chairmen of the Summit. General Colin Powell is the General Chairman of the Summit. Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Henry Cisneros and Linda Robb are the Summit Vice Chairs. The Summit is being organized at the initiative of the Corporation for National Service and the Points of Light Foundation. Former Senator Harris Wofford heads the former, and Robert Goodwin, who headed President Bush's initiative to aid Black Colleges, directs the latter. Stuart Shapiro, M.D., the former Health Commissioner of Philadelphia, is the Chief Executive Officer of the Summit organizing team. Many national non-profit organizations are collaborating as partners in the Summit. Additionally, delegations from approximately 100 communities and all 50 states will join local and national leaders from all sectors to take part in Summit activities.


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