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State of the Union Address 2000

Enacting the Largest Expansion of College Opportunity Since the GI Bill

Opening the Doors of College to All Americans

  • President Clinton and Vice President Gore proposed and passed the $1,500 HOPE Scholarship credits, making the first two years of college universally available for six million students.
  • Proposed and passed the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit, a 20 percent credit will help more than seven million students offset tuition costs for college or lifetime learning.
  • The new expanded Education IRA allows penalty and tax-free withdrawals for education.
  • [source: Education Department, 4/2/99, FY 2000 Budget, p. 69]

Expanding Work Study and Pell Grants

  • This year, one million students will be able to work their way through college because of the President's expansion of the Work Study Program.
  • In 2000, nearly four million students will receive a Pell Grant of up to $3,300, the largest maximum award ever. The maximum award has increased 43 percent under the Clinton-Gore Administration.
  • [source: Education Department, Office of Student Financial Assistance]

Making College More Affordable

  • Cut student fees and interest rates on all loans, expanded repayment options including income contingent repayment, and improved service through the Direct Loan Program.
  • Students have saved nearly $8.7 billion since 1993 through the reduction in loan fees and interest rates.
  • [source: Department of Education, Statement by Secretary Riley, 10/5/99]

Establishing the GEAR-UP Mentoring Program to Prepare Students for College

  • President Clinton and Vice President Gore created and expanded GEAR-UP, a mentoring initiative, to help nearly 500,000 low-income middle school children finish school and prepare for college.
  • [source: Education Department]


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