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April 1998

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White House at Work

April 30, 1998 Strong Economic Growth, Rising Wages and Low Inflation
April 29, 1998 Honoring the Olympic Spirit
April 28, 1998 Strengthening America for the 21st Century
April 27, 1998 Stopping the Marketing of Tobacco to All Children
April 24, 1998 Making the Information Age An Education Age
April 23, 1998 Affordable, Safe, High-Quality Child Care
April 22, 1998 Preserving America's Natural Treasures
April 21, 1998 School Modernization - Investing in Our Children's Future
April 20, 1998 Fighting for the Lives of America's Children
April 16, 1998 Shared Values and Interests with the Americas
April 15, 1998 Implementing Effective Disaster Response
April 14, 1998 Building One America
April 13, 1998 Safe, Strong Schools for America's Children
April 9, 1998 Reducing Teen Smoking
April 8, 1998 Building Strong, Modern Schools for the 21st Century
April 7, 1998 Saving Social Security First
April 6, 1998 Increasing Safety and Security for America's Families
April 3, 1998 Overall the Strongest Economy in a Generation
April 2, 1998 National Kick Butts Day
April 1, 1998 Ensuring Health Coverage for Children

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