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The White House at Work December 1999

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White House at Work

December 21, 1999 Ensuring Cleaner Cars And Cleaner Fuels For The 21st Century
December 17, 1999 Boosting The Employment Of Individuals With Disabilities
December 14, 1999 The Federal Government Is Y2K Ready
December 14, 1999 Helping Foster Care Youth Prepare For Independent Living
December 13, 1999 Releasing The First Surgeon General'S Report On Mental Health
December 10, 1999 Highlighting The Need For Investment In The Delta
December 9, 1999 Working To Bridge The Digital Divide
December 7, 1999 Taking New Steps To Ensure Patient Safety
December 6, 1999 Commemorating Human Rights Day
December 3, 1999 Announcing 20 Million New Jobs Created And Investing In A High-Tech Economy

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