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White House at Work June 1999

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White House at Work

June 30, 1999 Heightening the Importance of Moderninzing Medicine
June 29, 1999 Strengthening Medicare for the 21st Century
June 28, 1999 Proposing a Fiscally Sound Budget Framework
June 25, 1999 President Clinton Calls For Bipartisan Season of Progress on Key Domestic Challenges Facing the Nation
June 23, 1999 Accomplishmennts from the G-8 Summit
June 22, 1999 Providing Economic and Humanitarian Aid to the Democracies of Southeastern Europe
June 21, 1999 A Commitment to Stability for Southeastern Europe
June 17, 1999 Fighting for Reasonable, Effective Gun Legislation
June 15, 1999 Calling on Congress to Strengthen the Brady Law
June 14, 1999 Working to Reduce Youth Gun Violence
June 12, 1999 Urging Congress to Pass a Strong, Enforceable Patients' Bill of Rights
June 11, 1999 Fighting for More COPS and Fewer Guns
June 10, 1999 Implementing Peace in Kosovo
June 9, 1999 Combating Racial Profiling
June 8, 1999 Working to Protect Youth from Movie Violence
June 7, 1999 Addressing Mental Health
June 5, 1999 Combating the Stigma of Mental Illness
June 4, 1999 Expanding Employment for People With Disabilities
June 3, 1999 Providing Leadership at Home and Abroad
June 2, 1999 Planning for Peace in Kosovo
June 1, 1999 Addressing the Marketing of Violence to Children

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