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White House at Work March 1999

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White House at Work
March 31, 1999 The Strongest Economy in a Generation
March 30, 1999 Strengthening Social Security and Medicare
March 26, 1999 Protecting Older Americans, Expanding Long-term Care
March 25, 1999 Protecting Our Elderly
March 24, 1999 Taking a Stand for Peace in Europe
March 23, 1999 A Commitment to Ending the Conflict in Kosovo
March 22, 1999 Promoting Peace and Security for Americans and Europeans
March 19, 1999 A Commitment to Peace in Kosovo
March 18, 1999 A Leader for Peace in the Middle East
March 17, 1999 A Leader for Peace in Northern Ireland
March 16, 1999 The U.S.-Africa Ministerial -- A Partnership for the 21st Century
March 15, 1999 Safeguarding Americans from the Threat of Terrorism
March 12, 1999 Strengthening Economic Development
March 11, 1999 Protecting the Health of All Americans
March 10, 1999 Airline Passenger Fair Treatment Initiative
March 9, 1999 Cleaner Water -- A Healthier Future
March 8, 1999 Building Livable Communities
March 5, 1999 The Longest Peacetime Expansion in American History -- More Than 18 Million New Jobs Created Since 1993
March 4, 1999 President Clinton and Vice President Gore: Guardians of the Past, Stewards for the Future
March 2, 1999 For America's Future -- Putting Families First
March 1, 1999 Making Progress -- Moving People from Welfare to Work

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