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The White House at Work October 1999

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White House at Work

October 29, 1999 Protecting The Privacy Of Medical Records
October 28, 1999 Honoring Excellence In Education
October 27, 1999 The Largest Budget Surplus And Debt Pay-Down In History
October 25, 1999 Working To Make Prescription Drugs Affordable For Seniors
October 22, 1999 Calling On Congress To Invest In Our Schools
October 21, 1999 Honoring Our Commitment To Law Enforcement
October 20, 1999 Celebrating A Commitment To Community Service
October 19, 1999 Working With Young People To Combat Youth Violence
October 15, 1999 Announcing Initiatives To Prevent Youth Violence
October 13, 1999 Preserving Our Forests For Future Generations
October 12, 1999 Working To Increase Enrollment Of Uninsured Children
October 1, 1999 Announcing Social Security Statements For Working Americans

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