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Trip to Turkey, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria

Itinerary: Italy


Bilateral Meeting with Prime Minister Massimo D’Alema
Villa La Pietra

Third Way Dinner
Villa La Pietra

On November 19-20, in Florence, Italy, the President will participate in a conference on “Progressive Governance in the 21st Century.” He will be joined by five other world leaders: Prime Minister Massimo D’Alema of Italy, Prime Minister Tony Blair of Great Britain, Chancellor Gerhard Schroder of Germany, Prime Minister Lionel Jospin of France, and President Fernando Cardoso of Brazil. In practical terms, they are all implementing domestic policies to foster economic dynamism and opportunity at the same time. As a result, they are pursuing a new politics neither of the old left nor of the right, but each in their own ways innovative. This new politics is a central subject of debate throughout Europe. President Clinton is widely acknowledged as the first major leader to have faced the new issues and to have created a new model on the center-left.

The Florence conference is the third in a series of public conferences on this international movement of policy and politics. The first took place in September 1998 at the New York University School of Law. The second took place in April of this year in Washington, sponsored by the Democratic Leadership Council. This event is co-sponsored by the NYU School of Law and the European University Institute.

The dinner will be held at Villa La Pietra, the former estate of Sir Harold Action, now NYU’s Florence facility. First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton will receive the Global Law School Program Leadership Award and deliver remarks. Romano Prodi, president of the European Union and the former Prime Minister of Italy, will give a keynote address.


Leaders Group Photograph
Palazzo Vecchio

Leaders Breakfast
Palazzo Vecchio

Third Way Conference (Session I)
Palazzo Vecchio

The morning panel will address “The New Economy: Equality and Opportunity.”

Working Lunch with Leaders
Palazzo Vecchio

At a lunch given by the mayor of Florence, Javier Solana, of the European Union and the former Secretary-General of NATO, and Juan Somavia, director-general of the International Labor Organization, will deliver remarks.

Third Way Conference (Session II)

Palazzo Vecchio

The afternoon panel will address “The Democracies in the 21st Century: Values, Rights and Responsibilities,” and it will involve discussion of the leaders in response to questions from distinguished thinkers in the audience.

Following the second session, the President will depart Pisa for Sofia, Bulgaria. There will be no official events the evening after the President’s arrival in Sofia.

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