National Medal Winner - Denton Cooley
National Millennium Time Capsule
National Medal Winner

Cooley, Denton, National Medal of Technology, 1998, National Medal of Freedom, 1984
Developments in heart surgery including first artificial heart now at Smithsonian
"Mechanical devices for support--even complete replacement--of the failing heart will most likely be in common use…These practical assist devices, which will be powered by batteries that can be worn on a belt, will be almost as commonplace as pacemakers are today...Just 30 years ago, I implanted the first total artificial heart in a human patient as a bridge to a heart transplant operation. That artificial heart, which is in the Smithsonian Institution, supported the patient well; however, he died of infection and rejection after the transplant operation. Soon, immunologic research should overcome most of the barriers to organ transplantation, including infection and rejection. The effects of these new technologies for treating heart failure will be far-reaching: thousands of Americans will live better and longer lives."

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