National Medal Winner - Illinois
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Illinois Highland Park High School, Highland Park
"There is quite a bit of difficulty in trying to narrow down an idea that best represents the United States at the end of the century. However, we as a class felt it appropriate to choose the idea of advancement to symbolize the United States. To advance means to move forward or to help progress. The Unites States symbolizes this idea.

"The United States continues to advance by promoting and testing the ideas behind democracy. Our democracy is changing and fluid, based on the interpretations of the constitution. The advances that have occurred over the centuries in the United States, is a tribute to democracy.

"The country is advancing in an era of technology. We are moving into a more information-based society. Schools, businesses, and products have increased in efficiency and reliability through the advances of technology. The United States continues to educate people in a way that allows for the creativity and ingenuity necessary to be on the forefront of technology.

"The United States is also a part of a global society. It is necessary for the people of the United States to advance in cultural awareness and understanding of other countries. We have always advanced in terms of new cultures, however, with a global community, we must advance at a faster pace.

"Lastly, the United States has advanced in our understanding of how we fit in with nature. Environmental issues cause us to reflect how we are using our resources. Through emissions test and other means of monitoring, we have advanced in our understanding of how not to mistreat our land.

"Advancement is an indication of learning. This is a country that learns from its mistakes, learns from others, and learns from reflection."

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