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"Technology a Hot Topic
"By Students of Helen Banzhaf
"Throughout the 20th century Americans have made extreme advances in communication through technology. During the early part of the century, the Pony Express was the only way of long distance communication. Technology has evolved into the ability to send a letter across the world in a matter of seconds through personal computers. The first computers filled up an entire room, but now they can be carried around daily and fit into briefcases and backpacks. Technology has become a part of everyday life. In 1922, at least 120 million people regularly listened to the radio. Just as the radio was an important invention in the 20's, the computer is a vital tool in the 90's. There are, not only radios in every car, but also computers in every household. People have benefited from the use of computers and television to express views and to gain information. For example, computers are often used to research or inform others about certain topics. Also, television is a quick way to inform the public of current issues.

"Throughout the century the use of technology has grown exponentially. However, society needs to obtain control of the use of computers. Currently, as we face the Y2K problem, we find ourselves overly dependent on technology for day-to-day needs. By limiting our use of technology, we can maintain control of its use during the transition into the next millennium. There is currently a struggle over limiting the use of cell phones and the Internet. Technology and related issues will be hot topics in the next century. We are reminded by a Charles Franklin Kettering quote, ‘We should all be concerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there.'"

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