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Our Flag of Flags
"When the twentieth century was young, President Theodore Roosevelt warned against the danger of America becoming a ‘polyglot boarding house.’ He was concerned that the large number of immigrants coming into the United States might have difficulty becoming assimilated. He needn’t have worried. Millions of people came to America to escape poverty and persecution. They brought not only their few, meager personal possessions, but most importantly their customs, foods, languages, holidays, and traditions. Weaving their vibrant threads into the tapestry of our national life, these newcomers helped to create the unique culture of the United States in the ‘American Century.’

"As the century and millennium draw to a close, our country is once again a magnet drawing new millions to the hope of better lives in a land of freedom and plenty. In many ways Parsippany High School is a microcosm of America in the year 2000. Home to students who hail from over 50 countries and who speak more than 46 languages, PHS is living proof that diversity enriches all of us. The true beauty of the American dream can be seen in our halls, on our playing fields, and in our classrooms everyday. Students from nations which for ethnic, political, racial, or religious reasons are mortal enemies study, plan, laugh, work, and live in harmony and friendship. Out of many, they have become one-the student body of Parsippany High School, just as millions of diverse people have come to the United States and become Americans. Our ‘flag of flags’ symbolizes this diversity. E Pluribus Unum…out of many, one."

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