Partnership Applications and Logo and Motto

Dear Millennium Friend:

Thank you for your interest in the White House Millennium Council. In August, 1997 the President and the First Lady announced the formation of the White House Millennium Council and called upon all Americans to take part in helping their communities welcome the millennium by "honoring the past and imagining the future." This is an exciting time in history for our country and a time when we can all make a difference in the legacy we leave for our children.

On July 9, 1998, the First Lady unveiled the White House Millennium Council Logo and official theme. We have attached our Guidelines for designating the use of both the Logo and Mottos of the Council. Please review them carefully.

You will see that federal agencies, intergovernmental organizations and associations, and qualifying nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply to be Partners with the White House Millennium Council on a specific project that fulfills the President's objectives for commemorating the millennium. Partners may also accept applications from corporate, nonprofit, federal and state organizations that wish to serve as Associate or Corporate Partners on their projects.

In addition to these efforts, the White House Millennium Council, in partnership with several national intergovernmental organizations, is undertaking a Millennium Communities program to recognize the efforts of local communities across the country to commemorate the new millennium with meaningful projects that "Honor the Past -Imagine the Future." By encouraging your local elected official to apply to one of these intergovernmental organizations for recognition, your own community can be designated as an official Millennium Community. We will be posting more detailed information on how to participate in our Millennium Communities project early next year.

Thank you again for your interest.


Ellen McCulloch-Lovell
Deputy Assistant to the President and
Advisor to the First Lady on the Millennium




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