The notion of shared responsibility and balanced participation shaped the Energy and Transportation Task Force's activities and helped ensure the quality and credibility of its recommendations. To reflect and reinforce this balanced approach, the Task Force's work was funded by a combination of government, private sector, foundation, and individual sources.

Consistent with the Council's goal to spend private sector funds in the private sector, private contributions to support the Sustainable Energy and Transportation Scenarios Project were administered through the Open Space Institute, a non-profit organization, by agreement with the Council. The Open Space Institute, a non-profit organization, by agreement with the Council. The Open Space Institute contracted with The Global Business Network to manage the scenarios project. This method permitted maximum flexibility and efficiency.

In addition to the tireless efforts of the participants and their generous contributions of time and energy, the Task Force's work would not have been possible without the financial support of those who made contributions directly to the Council and to the Open Space Institute. In addition to significant support from the Department of Energy, the Open Space Institute reported the following contributors.

American Electric PowerEnron Corporation
AnonymousGeneral Motors Corporation
AnonymousAlida Messinger
Chevron CorporationNiagara Mohawk Power Corporation
The Energy FoundationPacific Gas & Electric Company
Enron FoundationPeabody Holding Company
Shell Oil Company

In addition the members of the Energy and Transportation Task Force would like to extend our appreciation to:

Task Force Co-Coordinator and Report Writing and Production, Kurt D. Zwally.
Task Force Co-Coordinator, Edward J. Wall.
Scenarios Project Manager and Writer, James Butcher.
Fact-checking and Endnotes, James Stewart Schwartz.
Research Assistant, Gregory T. Wedemeyer, Jr.; Project Support, Liane Hores and Jeffrey Levine.
Layout and Design, Elfranko E. Wessels.

Table of Contents

Energy and Transportation Task Force Report


Chapter 1: Findings

Chapter 2: Task Force Goals & Indicators

Chapter 3: Policy Recommendations

Appendix A Scenario Narrratives

Appendix B Other Policy Options Considered

Appendix C Endnotes

Appendix D List of Figures

Appendix E List of Tables


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