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A talented, committed, and diverse team guided the work of the Sustainable Communities Task Force from its inception to the final drafts of this report. Through countless meetings and seemingly unending discussions, this team crafted the agreements that laid the foundation for the process of the task forceís work, the content of the policy recommendations and assertions represented in this final document, and the task force inputs into the councilís consensus document, "Sustainable America." The achievements of the task force were borne, in large part, through the labors of Geoffrey Anderson, John Bullard, Rob Coppock, Mencer Donahue Edwards, Carl Elefante, Christine Eustis, Lori Fenimore, Jacqueline Hamilton, Jeffrey Hunker, Nancie Johnson, Keith Laughlin, J. Gary Lawrence, Michael McCloskey, Jerry McNeil, John Mincy, Rebecca Moser, Robert Olson, Rudy Oswald, and Harriet Tregoning.

The task force thanks Robert Olson for his work in drafting the original text of the vision statement, and the participants not listed above who chaired the task force working groups: Sheila Kelly, Pamela Lawrence, Florine Raitano, Larry Root, Margaret Thomas, and Amie Weinberg.

We are grateful for the contributions of Ann James, who served as the task forceís first coordinator from fall 1993 to spring 1994, and Corinne McLaughlin, who coordinated the task force during the spring of 1994. Without the talent and hard work of Noah Maffitt, Liza Poinier, and Alissa Schmeltz, the completion of this report would not have been possible. We greatly appreciate their outstanding work on the reportís layout, copyediting, and factchecking, respectively. We also thank Melissa Edeburn, Monica Gonzales, Ylang Nguyen, and Amy Todd who provided valuable staff assistance to the task force in its early phases.

The case studies presented in this report were pulled together by task force participants and colleagues in the communities the task force selected. We thank Paul Alsenas, Geoffrey Anderson, Bill Becker, Rita Collins, Beth Conover, Eleanor Cooper, William Edgerton, Mencer Donahue Edwards, Christine Eustis, Tom Harris, Timothy Hayes, Sheila Kelly, Christopher Kelsey, William Kennedy, John Lambie, Jackie Lockett, Rick Luna, Nancy Skinner, and David Warford for bringing us the stories of these communities.

We are most appreciative of the generosity of Patricia Scruggs and Walter Corson who allowed us to reprint their research on sustainable development activities at the state level and community indicators projects, respectively. Similar thanks to Susan Boyd, Benjamin Goldman, and Susanna Mackenzie Euston for their work to develop the community profiles in the states and to Harriet Tregoning and Geoffrey Anderson who administered the contract for their work.

To reflect the expansive scope of the sustainable communities field, the task force invited participation from hundreds of experts, citizens, and business representatives from an incredibly diverse array of fields and communities. Many of these individuals volunteered significant time and energy to contribute to task force working groups, case studies, and special events; we are indebted to them for their contributions and list them below. We apologize, in advance, for any oversights made in this very long list of task force participants.

Finally, we acknowledge Angela Park who, as its coordinator, managed the task forceís work and the writing, editing, and production of this report. We thank her for the skill, energy, and dedication she brought to this ambitious endeavor.



Debra Abbot

Celestino Abrego

Richard Acton

Bob Adams

Rebecca Adamson

Darryl Alexander

Paul Alsenas

Geoffrey Anderson

Mark Anderson

Phyllis Anderson

Carl Anthony

Lisa Arnette

Marvin Asbury

Virginia Aveni

Beth Bailey

Dean Baker

Marc Baldwin

Charles Bartsch

David Beach

Tim Beatley

Bill Becker

Sidney Beckwith

Paul Bellamy

Robert Benson

David Berger

Scott Bernstein

Renee Berry

William Bishop

Kerry Bolognese

Bill Borwegan

Susan Boyd

Clarence Brien

Peter Brink

Hooper Brooks

Drew Brown

John Bullard

Peter Calthorpe

Marylou Campbell

Rob Campbell

Robin Cannon

Paul Carlson

Sherry Carter

Ellen Chmaj

John A. Clark

Jon E. Clark

Gene Cleckley

Rita Collins

Barry Colt

Michael Collins

Beth Conover

Jack Conway

Eleanor Cooper

Rob Coppock

Carl Costello

Stephen Coyle

Peter Cressey

David Crockett

Rebecca Bennett Crow

Bill Cunningham

Andrew Cuomo

Don Currie

Bill Curtis

Cheryl Davis

Cushing Dolbeare

Richard Donaldson

Clare Doyle

Rick Drummond

Andreas Duany

Ray Dunn

William Edgerton

M. Donahue Edwards

Carl Elefante

Ron Eller

Phil Ellis

Cecelia Epps

Diane Euchenhoffer

Christine Eustis

Andy Euston

Stan Euston

Carol Everett

Chris Eversole

Rose Farmer

Joseph Feaster, Jr.

Lori Fenimore

Marywood Ferguson

Charles Field

Pliny Fisk

Anthony Fleming

Frank Fountain

Henri Francois

Sandra Galvan

Yolanda Garcia

Gordon Gardner

Kathleen Gavin

David Geddes

David George

Kathleen Gildred

Kay Glasser

Ben Goldman

Jerome Goldstein

Paula Gomez

Henry Gonzalez

Bill Good

Thomas Goodell

Maxine Goodman

Eban Goodstein

Paul Gorman

Woody Greenberg

Luz Guerra

Tim Hagan

Dick Hailer

Joyce Hales

Tom Halicki

Nadine Hall

Jacqueline Hamilton

Terry Hamilton

Elizabeth Harris

Tom Harris

Penny Hartwell

Timothy Hayes

Brian Hinman

Anita Hocker

Kobby Hoffman

Melvin "Kip" Holden

Mike Holsinger

Dennis Houlihan

Bob Howell

Theodore Hullar

Karen Hundt

Jeffrey Hunker

Don Iaonne

Mike Italiano

Olin Ivey

Margo Jackson

DeWitt John

Chris Johnson

Nancie Johnson

Edmond Kanwit

Jeffrey Keimer

Greg Kelly

Sheila Kelly

Christopher Kelsey

David Kennedy

William Kennedy

John Kessler

Michael Kinsley

Kerry Kirschner

Fred Klanke

Christopher Knoff

James Kruse

John Kyte

William Lacy

John Lambie

Gilah Langer

Francis Larkin

Keith Laughlin

J. Gary Lawrence

Pamela Lawrence

Terry Le Bar

Charles Lee

Irene Lee

Steve Lerner

Alicia LeVine

Craig Lindell

Dan Lobeck

Jackie Lockett

Lynn Long

Buster Longino

Rick Luna

Don Macke

Isaiah Madison

Che Mad-yun

C. Peter Magrath

Howard Maier

Ellen Maloff

Mark Marache

Herb Marache

Peter Martinez

Connie Massie

David May

Michael McCloskey

Chuck McDermott

Marie McDermott

Bill McDonough

Walter McGuire

Joe McIntyre

Jerry McNeil

Bob McNulty

Don McPherson

Jan Meadows

Dale Miller

Jono Miller

Reuben Miller

Vernice Miller

Wendy Millet

David Mills

John Mincy

Terrell Minger

Richard Moe

Emilio Moran

John Morrill

Margaret Morton

Rebecca Moser

Susan Motley

Frank Muller

Constantine Nanopoulos

Tom Nay

Robert Olson

Terry Osborn

Rudy Oswald

Frank Parente

Jim Paulmann

Janet Phoenix

Doris Pickens

Otis Pitts

Doug Powell

Michael Putegnat

Paul Raetsch

Florine Raitano

Honey Rand

Cicely Ratcliff

Penny Ralston

Andrew Reamer

Bobbi Reichtell

Sabino Renteria

Norm Rice

Jeff Riley

Ruth Ritenou

Victor Rodriguez

Orren Robbins

Paul Roldon

Joseph Roman

Margarita Romo

Larry Root

Claire Rosacco

Rick Rosan

Matt Ross

James Rouse

Tim Rumage

Harvey Ruvin

Maurice Sampson

Scott Sanders

Jurgen Schmandt

Jim Schulman

Jeffrey Sharpe

Cathy Sheafor

John Siedhoff

Jean Sindab

Steve Sleigh

Nancy Skinner

Heidi Smith

Frank Folsom Smith

Stuart Smith

Renee Smith-Tadie

John Smithman

Gordon Smyth

Kevin Snape

David Sollenberger

Nick Soto, Jr.

Bill Spriggs

Doug Stone

Beatrice Olvera Stotzer

Bob Sublett

Tony Souza

Louis Swanson

Pamela Swenson

Joe Tamayo

Kevin Tarpley

David Taylor

Jon Thaxton

Margaret Thomas

Rosemary Tierney

Rex Tingle

Rachel Torres

Harriet Tregoning

Brian Trelstad

Maurice Uhme

James Vaughn

Andy Vega

Greg Vine

Carole Wacey

Richard Walker

Bill Walwick

David Warford

Ed Weeks

Amie Weinberg

Jonathan Weiss

Sheila Weiss

Roy Weston

Lee Wetherington

Thomas Whitley

Nancy Willis

Mary Winder

John Woeste

Larry Worden

Jim Worstell

Edward Wytkind

James Zuiches


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