Climate Task Force - Climate Change Principles

1. The Need for Action

The risk of climate change caused by human actions and the potential for serious impacts to nature and human well-being is of sufficient concern that timely and effective actions should be taken to reduce those risks.

2. Incentives for Early Action

Greenhouse gases have atmospheric lifetimes ranging from decades to over a century, and both the concentration and the rate of increase of these gases in the atmosphere are important factors in determining the risk of climate change. Therefore, policies to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and other measures to protect the climate should include incentives for early action.

3. Clear Commitments, Predictable Results & Flexible Implementation

Global climate change policies should be based on national commitments and accountability to produce predictable results and should allow emissions sources to select their own strategies. United States policies to address climate change should be based on the integration of environmental, economic and social goals.

4. Development and Dissemination of Improved Technologies

To protect the climate cost effectively, technology breakthroughs, technology incentives, and the elimination of barriers for the deployment of existing technologies are needed. Broad-based cooperative programs to stimulate markets and develop and disseminate new and existing technology to industrialized and developing countries, must be a high priority.

5. Fairness

Climate change is a global issue and requires a global response. The United States response should include policies that maintain and foster the competitiveness of U.S. business, stimulate opportunities for all, and avoid approaches that place an unreasonable burden on lower-income individuals, particular sectors, or future generations.


Climate Change Task Force

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Climate Task Force - Climate Change Principles

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