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FY 2001 Budget:
Survey of MAX Agency Users


Thank you in advance for your suggestions. We appreciate your comments, which have been extremely valuable to us as we work to improve the system. In order to better assist you, please provide the name, phone number, and e-mail address of the central coordinator for your agency.

1. What was your overall assessment of the MAX A-11 data entry system this past budget season?

Easy to use    Difficult to use
Please explain:

2. Did you have any problems with the MAX A-11 system?

Yes    No
Please explain or give a specific example:

3. What improvements in the MAX Software would you like to see? (Suggestions for changes, expansion, or deletions)

4. Do you feel that information regarding the MAX A-11 application was communicated adequately?

Yes    No
Please explain:

5. Did you have problems downloading the MAX A-11 Data Entry software from the MAX A-11 Home Page?

Yes    No
Please explain:

If you did not download the software from the MAX A-11 Home Page, how did you get the software?

CD    Disk    E-mail

6. What other types of information would you like to see on the MAX A-11 Home Page?

7. Where is your MAX A-11 software installed?

on a stand alone PC
on a PC attached to a network
on the network for shared access    # of users

8. When you configured the MAX software, did you have to set "Gateway Settings" (OPTIONS-CONFIGURATION-SETUP COMMS)?

Yes    No

9. Do you upload and download your account data yourself?

Yes    No    Name

10. How would you rate your Internet provider connection?

Good    Occasionally slow    Slow

11. Does your organization have any plans to implement Windows 2000 by November 2000?

Yes    No

12. Your satisfaction with MAX A-11 is important to us. Please share your thoughts and/or suggestions in the space provided below.

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