(1) The six overarching societal goals identified by NSTC are: Job Creation and Economic Growth; Enhanced National Security; World Leadership in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics; A Healthy, Educated Citizenry; Improved Environmental Quality; and Harnessing Information Technology. As discussed in Appendix C, information and communications research and development is unique in its ability to provide technologies that help enable the Nation to meet each of these six overarching goals.

(2) The HPCC data for these 1995 crosscuts were assembled from data collected by the HPCC National Coordination Office late in the 1995 budget process. The overall data for all CIC for 1995 were collected by an informal request to agencies. None of the data beyond the existing HPCC program has been carefully examined for accuracy, and a few of the smaller agencies are not included. Thus, the nonHPCC data should be used only as an indication of significant investment beyond the HPCC program.

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