Appendix A

Strategic Planning Document -
Environment and Natural Resources

Appendix A. Committee on Environment and Natural Resources

Council of Chairs

Chair - D. James Baker, NOAA
Chair - H. Ronald Pulliam, DOI
Chair - Thomas Lovejoy, SI
Chair - Robert Watson, OSTP
Vice Chair - Robert Huggett, EPA
Vice Chair - Christine Ervin, DOE

Air Quality
Chair - Martha Krebs, DOE
Science Vice Chair - Dan Albritton, NOAA
Policy Vice Chair - Mary Nichols, EPA

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics
Cochair - Thomas Lovejoy, SI
Cochair - H. Ronald Pulliam, DOI
Policy Vice Chair - James Lyons, USDA

Global Change Research
Chair - Robert Corell, NSF
Science Vice Chair - Robert C. Harriss, NASA
Policy Vice Chair - Susan Tierney, DOE

Natural Disaster Reduction
Chair - Robert M. Hamilton, DOI
Science Vice Chair - William H. Hooke, NOAA
Policy Vice Chair - Robert Volland, FEMA

Resource Use and Management
Cochair - Jerry Sesco, USDA
Cochair - Gary Hill, DOI

Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Solid Waste
Chair - Robert Huggett, EPA
Science Vice Chair - Kenneth Olden, HHS
Policy Vice Chair - Thomas Grumbly, DOE
Policy Vice Chair - Sherri Wasserman-Goodman, DOD

Water Resources, Coastal and Marine Environments
Chair - Douglas Hall, NOAA
Science Vice Chair - Robert Hirsch, DOI
Policy Vice Chair - Robert Perciasepe, EPA

Social and Economic Sciences
Chair - Joseph Stiglitz, CEA
Science Vice Chair - Cora Marret, NSF

Joint Subcommittee on Environmental Technology
Chair - Christine Ervin, DOE

Risk Assessment
Chair - Mark Schaefer, OSTP
Science Vice Chair - George Lucier, HHS
Policy Vice Chair - Lynn Goldman, EPA

Task Force on Observation and Data Management
Chair - Charles Kennel, NASA
Vice Chair - Robert Winokur, NOAA

Ecosystem Working Group
Cochair - Donald Scavia, NOAA
Cochair - Michael Ruggiero, DOI

Office of Management and Budget
Associate Director - T. J. Glauthier, Natural Resources, Energy and Science
Deputy Associate Director - Kathy Peroff, Energy and Science
Branch Chief - Jack Fellows, Science and Space Programs

CENR Executive Committee

D. James Baker, NOAA
H. Ronald Pulliam, DOI
homas Lovejoy, SI
Robert Watson, OSTP
Robert Huggett , EPA
Christine Ervin, DOE
Kathleen McGinty, CEQ
Joseph Stiglitz, CEA
T. J. Glauthier, OMB
Anne Peterson, NSF
Charles Kennel, NASA

Points of Contact for CENR Subcommittees

Executive Secretariat
Donna Wieting, NOAA
Susan Fruchter, NOAA

NSTC liason
Peter Backlund, OSTP

CENR full committee
David Shriner, OSTP
Rosina Bierbaum, OSTP

Air Quality
Nancy Cobb, NOAA
Rick Petty, DOE

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics
Paul Dresler, DOI

Global Change Research
Michael MacCracken, NSF

Natural Disaster Reduction
Elaine Padovani, USGS
Cheryl Eichorn, USGS

Resource Use and Management
Michael Fosberg, USDA
William Wright, DOI

Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Solid Waste
Lisa Matthews, EPA

Water Resources, Coastal and Marine Environments
Donald Scavia, NOAA

Risk Assessment
Christine Halvorson, OSTP

Social and Economic Sciences
Sally Kane, CEA

Tech. and Engineering
James Waddell, DOE

Task Force on Observation and Data Management
Gregory Williams, NASA

Ecosystem Working Group
Ellen Hawes, NOAA

OSTP Liason to CENR

Murray Hitzman
Stanley Humphries
David Rejeski
Joanne Rodman (1994)
Julie Roque (1994)
Gregory Ruark

Environment and Natural Resources - Table of Contents

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Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Appendix A

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Appendix C

Executive Summary

Research Successes - Ecosystem Research

Research Successes - Observation & Data Management

Research Successes - Biodiversity

Research Successes - Environmental Technology

Research Successes - Global Change


Research Successes - Natural Disaster Reduction

Research Successes - Environmental Change

Research Successes - Forest Research

Research Successes - Air Quality

Research Successes - Lead Levels

Research Successes - Science Policy Tools

Research Successes - Water Resources


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