Dr. Frank Young Introduction
Introduction by KENNETH L. ADELMAN
Thank you very much. As Dr. Lederberg pointed out, we have a wonderful addition for our panel this morning that Jane thought was important. We all thought it was important to add Dr. Frank Young.

When I saw a book called Hot Zone on the Best Seller list the other day I thought it was another steamy sex novel, but it was a steamier topic of what happens if there is an outbreak of chemical weapons. Apparently there is a movie that is storming right now starring Dustin Hoffman, called "Outbreak." There are other current books called The Coming Plague and Hot Zone, making this the topic of the hour, at least after the dumbing of America. Here to talk about it is Frank Young, who is the Director of the National Disaster Medical System. He is responsible for knowing what to do after the kind of attack that Josh Lederberg mentioned, that we all have feared for many years, and that Japan is dealing with right now.

Dr. Young was former Dean of the Medical Department at the University of Rochester, and former Commissioner of FDA. Thank you very much, Dr. Young, for joining us. It is a pleasure to have you.

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