April 5, 2000: Issuing a National Call to Action to Close the Digital Divide

Issuing a National Call to Action to Close the Digital Divide

"Our mission is to open the digital frontier to all Americans, regardless of income, education, geography, disability or race…If we work together to close the digital divide, technology can be the greatest equalizing force our society or any other has ever known."

President Bill Clinton
Tuesday, April 4, 2000

Today, at the White House, President Clinton announced that over 400 companies and non-profit organizations have pledged to sign his National Call to Action to help bridge the digital divide.The President unveiled several initiatives by the public and private sectors, and announced his third New Markets Tour to focus national attention on the digital divide and bring digital opportunity to youth, families and communities around the country.

ISSUING A NATIONAL CALL TO ACTION. President Clinton's "National Call to Action" challenges corporations and non-profit organizations to help bridge the digital divide by meeting two critical goals:

ANNOUNCING INITIATIVES TO BRIDGE THE DIVIDE. The President unveiled the following commitments by the public and private sectors to bridge the digital divide:

NEW MARKETS TOUR: FROM DIGITAL DIVIDE TO DIGITAL OPPORTUNITY. On April 17-18, President Clinton, accompanied by CEOs, Members of Congress, Cabinet Secretaries and community leaders, will conduct his third New Markets Tour to focus national attention on initiatives aimed at overcoming the digital divide and creating opportunities for youth, families and communities. The President will travel to East Palo Alto, California; the Navajo Nation in Shiprock, New Mexico; and Chicago, Illinois to highlight private- and public-sector initiatives to help bring digital opportunity to all Americans. Later this month, the President will travel to rural North Carolina to stress the importance of expanding rural access to the emerging broadband Internet.

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