September 16, 1999


"Our 19 APEC members pledged to strengthen the world economy and advance our common prosperity. We took a strong stand for freedom and human rights in East Timor. We also stood for the proposition that we can best lift the world's fortune by having more free and fair trade. In November, we'll go to Seattle to launch a new world trade round, determined to make this APEC agenda the world's agenda."

President Bill Clinton
September 14, 1999

Today, President Clinton returned from his successful trip to New Zealand to participate in the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit The summit produced several key achievements, including activation of a peacekeeping force in East Timor; progress on trade talks with China; and suspension of North Korea’s long-range missile program.

Important Progress Toward Stability in Asia. President Clinton’s participation in the 3-day APEC conference yielded several key achievements:

President Clinton's leadership was essential in achieving success in these agreements By working with his counterparts and emphasizing our common interests, the President demonstrated that the United States is committed to the security and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region.

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