December 10, 1999


"We have to find a way to bring the benefits of the economy to the people in places who haven't been a part of this prosperity."

President Bill Clinton
Friday, December 10, 1999

Today, President Clinton visited Arkansas as part of his continuing effort to highlight the need for investment in the Delta region. The President spoke to the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce about the importance of trade and economic development to the long-term prosperity of the region. In West Memphis, the President underscored his commitment to revitalizing local economies in East Arkansas through public-private partnerships, job training, and long-term new investments. And at a high school in Earle, the President discussed the crucial role of education and computer skills in creating strong local economies.

Addressing the Challenge of Rural Development in East Arkansas. As a result of the longest peacetime economic expansion in American history, conditions in East Arkansas have improved in recent years. Nevertheless, much work needs to be done, such as raising incomes, lowering unemployment, and reducing infant mortality rates. To help meet the challenges facing East Arkansas, President Clinton announced:

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