August 22, 2000: Highlighting the Success of Welfare to Work

Tuesday, August 22, 2000

"In four short years, we have seen a new emphasis on work and responsibility, as welfare recipients themselves have risen to the challenge and made welfare what it was meant to be: a second chance, not a way of life."

Today, President Clinton commemorated the fourth anniversary of the welfare reform law by releasing new data showing that welfare rolls are just half of what they were four years ago and, of those remaining on welfare, nearly five times as many are working than when the President took office. In addition, all states subject to the welfare reform law’s overall work requirements met them for the third year in a row. The President met with the Welfare to Work Partnership, which announced that its business partners have hired an estimated 1.1 million welfare recipients since its launch in 1997. The President challenged the private sector to continue employing welfare recipients and help these new workers succeed on the job, urged state and local officials to support current recipients and low-income working families, and called on Congress to enact his budget proposals to make work pay, encourage savings, promote responsible fatherhood and expand access to child care, housing, transportation, and health care.


ALL 50 STATES MET OVERALL WORK PARTICIPATION GOALS. New data included in a report the Administration transmitted to Congress today show that every state and the District of Columbia met the welfare law’s overall work requirements for 1999, which required adults in 35 percent of all families on welfare to be working at least 25 hours per week.

BUSINESSES HAVE HIRED OVER ONE MILLION PEOPLE OFF WELFARE. Since its launch at the White House in May 1997 with 105 companies, the Welfare to Work Partnership has grown to more than 20,000 businesses which have hired an estimated 1.1 million people from the welfare rolls. And under Vice President Gore’s leadership, the federal government has hired nearly 50,000 people from welfare to work in dozens of agencies across the country.

CHALLENGING CONGRESS TO DO MORE TO PROMOTE WORK AND RESPONSIBILITY. President Clinton called on Congress to enact key components of the Administration’s FY 2001 budget, including:

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August 22, 2000: Highlighting the Success of Welfare to Work

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