White House at Work April 1997

clear pixel April 28, 1997 Call to Service
clear pixel April 25, 1997 After Major Push by President Clinton, Senate Ratifies Chemical Weapons Convention
clear pixel April 24, 1997 President Pushes for Senate Ratification of Chemical Weapons Convention
clear pixel April 22, 1997 Vice President Announces New Executive Order to Protect Children's Health
clear pixel April 21, 1997 President Clinton And Vice President Gore Particpate In NetDay
clear pixel April 17, 1997 Early Childhood Development
clear pixel April 16, 1997 Community Service
clear pixel April 14, 1997 Sweatshop Announcement / FMLA Radio Address
clear pixel April 10, 1997 Reducing Welfare Rolls / Raising Educational Standards
clear pixel April 7, 1997 Engaging More Young People in Civil Service
clear pixel April 3, 1997 The Best Education, Stronger Families, and A More Secure World

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