Photos - September 1st

Photographs from September 1, 1998
President Clinton confers with his staff aboard Air Force One en route to Moscow. Photo by Barbara Kinney.
Viktor Chernomyrdin accompanies President Clinton past the Russian HonorGuard at Vnukovo Airport, Moscow.Photo by Barbara Kinney.
President Clinton Reviews Troops At Vnukovo Airport, Moscow.Photo By Barbara Kinney.
President Clinton and President Boris Yeltsin greet each other at thePresidential Residence in the Kremlin. Photo by Barbara Kinney.
President Clinton and Senior Administration Officials Meet With President Yeltsin and Senior Russian Officials In President Yeltsin's Study At The Kremlin. Photo By Barbara Kinney.
First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and Mrs. Yeltsin Tour The Quoll Factory, Moscow. Photo By Ralph Alswang.
First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, Joined By Mrs. Yeltsin, Conducts A Discussion With Small Business Owners In The Cloth Cutting Room Of the Quoll Factory. Photo by Ralph Alswang.
The President and Mrs. Clinton drop -by "First Day of School" and watchdance activities at an elementary school in Moscow. Photo by Ralph Alswang.
President Clinton and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton Join Students For the First Day of Classes In Moscow. Photo By Ralph Alswang.
Students at Moscow State University's School For International Relations Listen To President Clinton. Photo by Sharon Farmer.
With the assistance of Russian soldiers, President Clinton lays a largefloral wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Boroviskaya Ploschad,The Kremlin on 1 Sept. 98. Photos by Sharon Farmer.

President Clinton Delivers A Speech To Students At Moscow State University For International Relations. Photo by Sharon Farmer.
Presidents Clinton and Yeltsin Shake Hands At The Official State Dinner. Photo by Sharon Farmer .

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