What's New Archives - October 1998

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October 30, 1998

President Clinton Discusses Saving Social Security for the 21st Century

President Clinton Announces Third Quarter GDP Numbers

October 29, 1998

President Clinton Speaks At The John F. Kennedy Space Center

President Clinton Discusses Today's Space Shuttle Launch

October 28, 1998

President Clinton Announces Increasing Funding for HIV/AIDS Prevention
and Treatment in Minority Communities

President Clinton Announces the 1998 Budget Surplus

President Clinton Welcomes Colombian President Pastrana To The White House

October 27, 1998

Report on Women and Retirement Security

President Clinton and Vice President Gore Host A Roundtable Discussion on Social Security

October 23, 1998

President Clinton: Setting Priorities for the Next Congress

Remarks Of The President At The Middle East Peace Signing

October 22, 1998

President Clinton's Remarks Upon Departure for Wye Plantation

October 21, 1998

President Clinton Speaks At A Breast Cancer Awareness Event

October 19, 1998

Remarks Of The President Upon Departure For The Wye Conference Center

October 16, 1998

President Clinton Hails The Budget Agreement

October 15, 1998

The White House Conference on School Safety: Causes and Prevention of Youth Violence

President Clinton's Remarks at the White House Conference on School Safety

President Clinton's Remarks After Meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Chairman Arafat

October 13, 1998

President Clinton Calls On Congress To Pass His Education Agenda

October 09, 1998

President Clinton Honors America's Top Cops

October 08, 1998

President Clinton Announces New Initiatives To Protect Medicare Beneficiaries

October 07, 1998

President Clinton Signs Legislation Reauthorizing The Higher Education Act

October 06, 1998

President Clinton Addresses The Opening Ceremony Of The 1998 IMF/World Bank Annual Meeting

October 05, 1998

President Clinton Reiterates His Legislative Priorities

October 02, 1998

Memorandum Regarding Standards for Impeachment

President Clinton Announces New Unemployment Numbers

October 01, 1998

President Clinton Calls On Congress To Pass His Education Agenda


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