Remarks by President Clinton and President Mubarak in Photo Opportunity; Cairo, Egypt (8/29/00)
                                THE WHITE HOUSE

                         Office of the Press Secretary
                                 (Cairo, Egypt)
                 For Immediate Release    August 29, 2000

                          REMARKS BY PRESIDENT CLINTON
                             AND PRESIDENT MUBARAK
                              IN PHOTO OPPORTUNITY

                             Presidential Terminal
                          Cairo International Airport

7:10 A.M. (L)

     Q    What do you hope to accomplish in this meeting today, Mr. Mubarak
and Mr. Clinton?

     PRESIDENT MUBARAK:  We're going to do our best to find a solution for
the problem in the Middle East, between Israel and the Palestinians.  We
are making some consultations so as you could help the two parties to reach
a framework.  It's very important.  We hope to finish it by September.  We
want that.

     Q    Are you hopeful, sir?

     PRESIDENT MUBARAK:  I'm always hopeful.  And I think with the
cooperation with the United States and their support, I think this will be

     PRESIDENT CLINTON:  I think the time is short for resolving this.  And
I think all the parties understand that without the involvement and
leadership and support of Egypt, they won't be able to do it.  President
Mubarak has been critical to this process for nearly 20 years, now,
certainly in all the time that I've been here.  So we're going to work
together and see if we can find a way to help the parties get over this
next big hump.

     THE PRESS:  Thank you.

END  7:12 A.M. (L)

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