Memorandum from the President: Potential Electricity Shortages in California (8/3/00)
                              THE WHITE HOUSE

                       Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release                             August 3, 2000

                         August 3, 2000


SUBJECT:       Potential Electricity Shortages in California

The increased demand for electricity during summer heat waves can make it a
challenge for electric utilities to meet the demands of their customers.
Currently, the supply of electric power is tight in California due to
record demand for electricity.  The State faces the possi-bility of rolling
blackouts in some areas.  These conditions put both consumers and
businesses at risk.

The Federal Government is among the largest consumers of electricity in
California.  It is important that we lead by example in taking
energy-conserving steps to reduce the risk and severity of power outages.
Therefore, I direct that:

?    Managers of Federal buildings in California take steps to reduce
consumption of power to the maximum extent practicable consistent with the
health and welfare of employees; and,

?    Federal agencies coordinate with other State and local government
agencies to minimize the use of electricity in all government buildings in

Further, although most of the electricity in the Western United States is
generated and marketed by privately and publicly owned utilities, the
Federal Government also generates and markets electricity in the region.
For the duration of the current power shortage emergency, I direct that:

?    Federal agencies that generate electricity take all possible measures,
consistent with existing laws and regulations, to maximize the amount of
electricity that can be delivered to California; and,

?    Federal Power Marketing Administrations take all steps necessary to
maximize the availability of electricity in California.

I also direct Federal agencies to work with the State of California to
develop procedures governing the use of backup power generation in power
shortage emergencies.

Although these are important steps that can help reduce the risk of power
shortages in the short term, we need a more comprehensive approach for the
long term.  I therefore further direct each of you to continue working
towards the goals of Executive Order 13123, Greening the Government Through
Efficient Energy Management, and to continue working with the Congress on
comprehensive electricity restructuring legislation, which can promote
greater investment in generation and transmission facilities, enhance the
efficiency of the interstate transmission grid, and promote energy
efficiency programs.

                                   WILLIAM J. CLINTON

                                   # # #

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