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                              THE WHITE HOUSE

                       Office of the Press Secretary
                                                              For Immediate
Release                                  November 1, 2000

                        STATEMENT BY THE PRESIDENT

     Today I am pleased to sign into law H.R. 5164, the "Transportation
Recall Enhancement, Accountability, and Documentation (TREAD) Act."  The
TREAD Act represents an important first step toward strengthening our
Nation?s motor vehicle safety laws, and its vigorous and quick
implementation will help save lives and prevent injuries.

     Most important, the Act responds directly to some of the key
shortcomings in identifying the recent Firestone tire problem.  Some of the
deaths and injuries associated with these tires might have been prevented
if automobile manufacturers and their suppliers had been required to
provide the Government with more timely information about potential safety
defects.  The Act addresses this by:  (1) specifically requiring
manufacturers, within 5 days, to report to the Secretary of Transportation
any relevant safety recalls or other safety campaigns in foreign countries;
and (2) granting the Secretary of Transportation new authority to develop
an early warning system that requires automobile manufacturers and their
suppliers to submit infor-mation and analysis concerning possible safety
defects in vehicles and equipment.

     With this new authority, however, comes the important responsibility
to notify the public, as quickly as possible, of any relevant investigative
efforts and other safety-related information submitted to the Secretary by
the manufacturers or their suppliers.  Thus, today I am also directing the
Secretary of Transportation to implement the information disclosure
requirements of the Act in a manner that assures maximum public
availability of information.

     Finally, among many other important measures, the Act also includes
proposals put forth by my Administration to provide for longer recall
periods, to increase civil penalties for violations of the motor vehicle
safety laws, and to authorize more funds for investigations into defective
cars and their parts.  I strongly support all of these provisions.

                              WILLIAM J. CLINTON

    November 1, 2000.

                                   # # #

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