9/7/00 Statement by the P-5 on the Millennium Summit
                              THE WHITE HOUSE

                       Office of the Press Secretary
                           (New York, New York)
For Immediate Release                                   September 7, 2000

                           STATEMENT BY THE P-5
                         ON THE MILLENNIUM SUMMIT

We, President Jiang Zeming of the People's Republic of China, President
Jacques Chirac of the Republic of France, President Vladimirovich Putin of
the Russian Federation, Prime Minister Tony Blair of the United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Northern Ireland and President William Jefferson Clinton
of the United States of America have met in New York on 7 September 2000
and hereby state the following:

Mindful of the special responsibilities of the Permanent Members of the
Security Council in regard to the maintenance of international peace and
security, we share a solemn commitment to ensuring that the UN is stronger,
more effective and more efficient than ever before as it enters the 21st

The challenges facing the UN and the world community are daunting.  To meet
such challenges, the world community's response must be quicker, more
targeted, and better coordinated than ever before.  As the world's only
truly universal organization -- in terms both of its mandate and its
membership  -- the UN has an essential role in the 21st Century.

The UN can only be as effective, as creative and as authoritative as its
members will it to be.  Moving into the next century, the Permanent Members
of the Security Council pledge, together with the entire membership, to
strengthen the UN, ensure the authority of the Security Council and uphold
the Purposes and Principles of the Charter.  Bearing primary responsibility
under the Charter for the maintenance of international peace and security,
the Security Council, in particular its Permanent Members, has an abiding
interest in ensuring that the UN is equipped to meet the challenges it
faces.  We therefore commit ourselves to strengthen the operational
capabilities of the Security Council in this area.  Only by strengthening
our dedication to the Purposes and Principles of the UN Charter, and by
endowing the UN with the means to deliver on its many commitments, can we
fulfill our obligations to ensure that the UN can achieve its full

To this end, we will focus our efforts on the following priority areas:

                                 - more -

Enhancing Leadership for Peace and Security - The UN's leadership role,
particularly in maintaining international peace and security, must be
strengthened to reflect the organization's changing challenges and
priorities.  This evolution must take into account both the shifting face
of the world community and the types of conflicts the UN must confront
today.  We commit ourselves to foster a more transparent and broadly
representative UN Security Council to enhance its effectiveness as the
leading body in the field of international peace and security.

Strengthening Peacekeeping - The nature and number of international
conflicts demanding UN involvement has shifted fundamentally over the past
decade, a change that has yet to be reflected in structural reforms to
equip the UN to fulfill the array of mandates it now faces.  We pledge to
move expeditiously to endow the UN with resources -- both operational and
financial -- commensurate to the tasks it faces in its peacekeeping
activities worldwide.  Enhancing the United Nations peacekeeping capacity
should strengthen the UN's central role in conflict prevention and
settlement.  We look to the recommendations of the Secretary General's
Expert Panel on Peace Operations as an important element to be considered
in order to ensure the UN's effectiveness in this vital arena.

Revitalizing Management -- The breadth, scope, and complexity of the UN's
activities demand effective leadership.  We pledge to support steps to
empower the Secretary General with a mandate to modernize and streamline
the Secretariat further, to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of
programs, and to focus the organization's resources on priority areas,
while bringing closure to activities that no longer warrant continued

Replenishing Human Resources - The UN's most valuable resource is its
people.  The skill, vision, and dedication of the UN Secretariat staff have
made possible all that the UN has accomplished to date, and will determine
the organization's future.  We pledge to support prompt steps to ensure
that the UN's base of human capital, particularly in the field of
peacekeeping, can be fortified through a process that is transparent,
equitable, and designed to attract the very best talent available from all
corners of the world.

Reaffirming Financial Commitment - As enshrined in the Charter, the UN's
financial base must accurately reflect the capabilities and
responsibilities of every Member State.  We pledge to support measures to
broaden the resource base for this institution through financial structures
that are equitable, transparent and reflective of current realities for the
regular budget and the peacekeeping budget, and the financing of UN
activities.  We recognize the need to adjust the existing peacekeeping
scale of assessments, which is based on the 1973 system, in light of
changed circumstances, including countries' current capacity to pay.

                                 - more -

Taking into account our special responsibilities as Permanent Members of
the Security Council and the duty of all Member States to meet their
financial obligations to the UN, we commit to creating a more stable and
equitable financial foundation for current and future UN operations,
including through adjustments to the peacekeeping scale of assessment to
reflect the role of all Member States, and especially the role of all
Permanent Members in peacekeeping financing.

In each of these areas we pledge to work together in coming months and
years to ensure that the UN is imbued with the resources, the vision, and
the support it needs.  As Permanent Members of the Security Council, we
will continue to fulfill our obligations under the Charter and commit to
making UN organization stronger and more effective.  To that end, we agree
to have more regular exchanges of views on important international issues
at all levels.

We express our appreciation and support for the UN Secretary General for
the role he plays in the service of peace, development and strengthening
the United Nations.

As we move into the next century, we pledge to work with the entire UN
membership to bridge differences and agree on new measures to build on the
promise of the UN's first 55 years.


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