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African American Economic Experience
The AAEE generates a greater understanding of the importance of economicsand entrepreneurship in providing solutions to social and economic problemsin the black community.

Alternatives in Medicine: HIGH School Exposure Program
A program in Dallas that provides underrepresented minority high school students with access to information about and exposure to minority role models in the health profession

American Institute of Managing Diversity
An Atlanta, GA organization that studies the different approaches to achieving diversity

Amistad Research Center
A New Orleans-based research institution that collects information on the history of racial and ethnic groups

A program that motivates Puerto Rican youth to stay in school and offer them career guidance

Atlanta Black/Jewish Coalition
The Atlanta Black/Jewish Coalition enhances community awareness and motivates people to build bridges between the Black and Jewish communities.

Black History Tours
A Dade County, FL-based activity that provides tours of African American historical sites

Bridging the Gap Project, Inc.
An Atlanta, GA area project designed to improve the quality of life of Georgia's refugee and immigrant communities through crisis intervention, education and youth outreach

Black/Jewish Forum of Baltimore, Inc.
A Baltimore, MD organization that promotes respect and understanding between the African American and Jewish communities

Camp Friendship
Camp Friendship, in Memphis, TN, provides a bicultural learning experience for American and refugee youth while fostering respect for the cultures differences of others.

Center for Applied Linguistics: Program in Language and Public Policy
A resource center for information on the application of language in public policy issues

Center for Racial Justice
A faith-based program designed to help solve individual and collective problems related to race within the Tulsa community

Central and South Florida Higher Education Diversity Coalition
A Miami, FL area effort to better incorporate diversity programs in participating colleges and universities through interscholastic dialogue and the sharing of best practices

Children's Express
An organization that reaches out to youth across economic, academic, racial and cultural lines, and assists them in producing a monthly news service through which they can share their opinions

City at Peace-Charlotte
A project created to provide opportunities for youth to develop positive interaction and mutual respect among themselves.

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